About Us

SWIMFIT is established on the 11th July 1996 and mainly caters to the leisure and competitive swimming sport industry. Branching not too far from its parent arm under the Bestimex Group of Companies which mainly involves manufacturing, trading and retailing of sporting goods both locally and internationally, SWIMFIT has its share of successful accreditations from its 4th Asia Pacific / Malaysia E-Entrepreneur Excellence Award to its listing in the Malaysia Book of Records for being the first brand to offer ‘customized Optical Swimming Goggles’ in 1999.

SWIMFIT’s export market includes countries such as North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Ecuador, Kuwait, Iran, Africa, Egypt, Lebanon, Hungary and Colombia. Being now internationally focused brand player, the company has benchmarked its reputability in providing valuable quality products that are both functional and stylish.

The SWIMFIT as a brand has been trademark in countries throughout the world like Republic of Chile, Singapore, Hong Kong, Turkey, Vietnam, USA, Argentina, Egypt, Australia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, Peru, Colombia and most recently to all countries classified under OHIM. In its wide distribution efforts to expand into worldwide markets, SWIMFIT as a whole has participated in tradeshows, advertising and promotional campaigns, PR events and industry related recognition and award programs.

A classic term to describe our organization is an evolving culture of innovation and creativity, embracing the culture and trends of the forward society to provide reliable and reputable product offers to the market.


Dear friends & collegues,

Introducing my Pride and joy; the SWIMFIT Brand. For over a decade now, we’ve proven our position in the market as a market leader not only in the swimwear, category but rather, swimming related products and accessories. it’s amazing to look back at our successful running now for over 12 years.

We first introduced our SWIMFIT brand to the international market in 1997 when we made our first export to the UK. Today we primarily focus on the export market, having exported our product range to over 60 countries throughout the world.

In the recent 2-3 years, SWIMFIT is proud to extend its chain of supply to exciting NEW Regions which includes Ecuador, Oman and Kuwait.

SWIMFIT has involved into an acclaimed household brand for swimmers and enthusiast alike throughtout the continent. I believe in the future of SWIMFIT and its many successes to come.

At the SWIMFIT Corporation, we understand the importance of educating our staff with SWIMFIT’s brand culture; the keyword here is clever positioning, good communication and great service. We see Greatness in the little thing to improve our organization as a whole.

As a group were united, commited and ever ready to embark on prolific long term relationships. Our loyal staffs are always at your service.

Thank you for your Patronage and looking forward to new ventures.

Your Sincerely,
Jeff Long
Vice President


We aim to become one of the leading and trusted Global Brands preferred by Professionals and Recreational enthusiasts around the world for fashionable style and performance sports product and accessories.


We believe in the SWIMFIT Brand and aim to push the ‘Mark of EXCELLENCE’ by continuously enhancing our product quality whilst maintaining forward fashion trends in delivering valuable products and service to our customers throughout the world.


‘Inspiring Dreams’

SWIMFIT’s motto describes its’ Forward Nature’ which promises a range of Swimming & Sporting products and accessories that is sure to ‘Deliver’ to its ’Best’ to all its customers from Sports Enthusiasts to Professionals alike.

SWIMFIT believes in the ‘Human Spirit ’, that everything is ‘Possible’ and ‘Dreams’ are meant to be ‘Fulfilled’ . As a Brand, it seeks to ‘Inspire’ and ‘Encourage’. As a product, it emulates a design concept that provides comfort, durability and style.